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Dr. Sang Sur is a Christian Business/Technology Executive and a Commercial Real Estate Guru and Investor who brings affluent individuals to own real estate around the world together to be profitable and able to support the Church and those in need.

He is a strong proponent for deep friendships / small groups and desires all his business partners and clients to commit to them, so that, together, they may rely on the power of God to do more amazing things than fathomable (c.f. Ephesians 3:20)

He is the CEO of Sciturus Real Investment Group, and its sister companies: Hanmaum Realty, Selah Management, and Techellence that brokers real estate transactions, manages tenants/properties, and handles technologies including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

He is also the President and founder of Prayer Tents, a Christian missions organization, to enable people to find life by meeting Jesus through relationships with Christians near them.

Dr. Sang Sur is also an Ordained Christian Pastor and a Certified Executive Coach who desires to build leaders of leaders.

He is known for his leadership and technical expertise ranging from directing acquisitions and divestitures (M&A) as well as his feats leading teams to engineer aeronautical radar and electronic countermeasure systems. He seeks to make a difference by discipling leaders, especially young adults (Ages 18-40) by helping them find meaning and life.

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