Sang's Personal About Me

Born in Seoul, Korea, I came to America at age of five. I grew up in New York City before heading upstate for college at Binghamton University, where I met the love of my life. I graduated with Physics BS and Psychology BA. I joined the United States Air Force afterwards as an officer in Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations. Along the way, I completed Master's degree in Aeronautical Science (MAS) from Embry Riddle and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration and Management specializing in Aeronautical Management from Northcentral University. I'm most happily married with my college sweetheart Jihyung and in love with my son Samuel and daughter Esther.

I've been a Christian since high school, and have been actively sharing my faith ever since. I have served in various churches for over 11 years, reaching high school students to leading my peers as young adults' pastor. I am still passionate about reaching my generation, the young adults (ages 18-40 roughly), which is the missing gap, the people that would benefit most from knowing God, but is lost, swallowed up in busyness of today's pace of life. I attended Alliance Theological Seminary, and have also taught a graduate seminary course on Christian leadership. My goal is to be an influence to young adults through the marketplace - that is, to succeed in the business realm and use the influence to lead young adults to something better - find direction and fulfillment in life.

Since my youth, I enjoyed taking things apart and making them work better (yes, I had my share of breaking things more than fixing them!). As of 2014, I have been in Engineering Leadership roles for more than 11 years. I've worked with various communication architectures, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft refrigeration/cooling systems, and aerial radars and defense/countermeasure systems. I've led many engineering tests including developmental, operational, qualification, and various flight tests. I just like making things work - and as leader, I enjoy accomplishing so much more with a team.

Though not much of a workout fanatic, I like to jog to clear my head at times. I find myself often coming up with random projects to keep myself entertained, such as taking the car apart, building another website, etc. I'm always looking for people with whom to play chess. I grew up on chicken wings with pork fried rice (with lots of duck sauce) - and it is still my favorite. I'm musically challenged, but still enjoy worshipping with a guitar. My listening selections are varied, from worship songs to Korean/English popular music. I love to learn and passion for reading naturally follows. I invest in real estate. I enjoy taking pictures and videos, especially with my cuties around.

I will make a difference in this world.

Dr. Sang W. Sur, Ph.D., MAS, PMP
Engineer, Scholar, Theophilus, Innovator, Difference-maker
Written January 25, 2014


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