Tesla X Sur
(named by the kids)

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Completed Projects for 2020 Tesla Model X

  • Dash Cam Install
  • Permanent Phone Chargers (that persists when car off)
  • Subwoofer Install
  • Permanent Radar Detector Install (Turns on when vehicle on)
  • Computer Install
  • Underglow lights, interior underseat lights, including inside cupholder
  • Aux Input - Done for both 2018 (MCU1) and 2020 (MCU2)

  • Shared Documents

  • 2020 Owner's Manual
  • Center Console Wiring Research
  • Sang's Collection of Technical Data for 2018 Tesla Model X (Service Manuals, Wiring Diagram, Parts and Connectors Listing)

  • Selling MCU1 and MCU2 aux-in solutions. Buy via links below:

    Tesla Aux-in for Audiophiles - Model X/S - Solution for MCU1 ($299).

    Tesla Aux-in for Audiophiles - Model X/S - Solution for MCU2 ($399).

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